MonthNovember 2019

Car loan: for or against a car with an automatic gearbox?

Very widespread in North America, cars with automatic transmissions took their time to settle down in the manners in Europe.

But with sales growing steadily in France, auto boxes now have a bright future ahead of them. In 2016: they represented a quarter of new car sales in France.

Easier learning, smoother driving

Easier learning, smoother driving

Thanks to automatic transmissions, learning to drive becomes a much easier task, as young road users do not have to worry about changing gear.

Once the license in your pocket, driving with an automatic transmission also marks the adoption of more flexible driving, gear changes are not exposed to improper handling by the driver.

Fuel consumption: double-edged

Fuel consumption: double-edged

The question is often asked: will I save fuel by driving an automatic transmission? Verdict: it depends.

If your journeys are mainly urban, with frequent stops (at a stop sign, a red light etc.) with a moderate speed, you will see your fuel consumption drop. On the other hand, the trend will be reversed on long journeys on expressways.

Slower gearbox wear …

Slower gearbox wear ...

Managed 100% by the on-board computer, shifting into an automatic gearbox greatly improves the length of its service life. Thanks to its optimal gear change, the automatic gearbox protects itself from human hazards (bad press on the clutch, badly engaged gear, etc.) to avoid you going through the garage box as long as possible.

… But more stressed brakes and higher maintenance costs


On the other hand, the absence of an engine brake places more strain on your brake pads, which will wear out a little faster. In addition, the maintenance of an automatic transmission car generally costs a little more.

Lower driving pleasure

Do you like driving sensations, the possibility of managing your engine speed? The pleasure of driving? Unfortunately, this type of feeling is significantly reduced by switching to the automatic transmission.

The automatic gearbox, the future of our cars?

The automatic gearbox, the future of our cars?

All manufacturers will tell you: in the medium term, you should expect to see the automatic transmission become widespread on production models in France as in the rest of Europe. You might as well anticipate and familiarize yourself with it now, especially as the adaptation is done in a few minutes of driving!

Auto loan for the purchase of your car with auto box

Auto loan for the purchase of your car with auto box

Convinced? Consider an auto loan to buy an automatic car. Depending on your ability to repay this type of consumer credit, the establishment will lend you a more or less large envelope. Compare offers to make the right choice.

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How to teach your children how to organize personal finances

To organize the budget and invest in some family-wide dream, such as getting into a new car or taking a vacation, children’s participation is essential. The first step in motivating children to participate is to teach them the importance of saving. Even simple practices, such as cutting ice cream after school and giving allowance, make a difference and help little ones understand the importance of financial education.

Here’s how to teach your kids how to organize personal finances:


Set an allowance

money allowance

Depending on the age of the children, an important step in teaching them how to manage money is by giving them a symbolic allowance. It is important to explain that money should not be spent all at once because if it runs out, the child will have to wait until next month to buy anything else.


Show that nothing can be achieved without effort.

personal finance

Explain the difference between tasks that are a child’s obligation, such as making a bed and storing toys, and those that are extra activities, such as helping to store groceries and mop up. to take the option of the furniture. Every time the little ones do an extra task they can be rewarded for it. This practice will make it clear to them that it is worth the effort, as they will receive it.


Reinforce the importance of saving

Reinforce the importance of saving

Teaching little ones to save early helps to create healthy financial habits. Talk to the children and together set a savings goal so that you define how the money will be used. Start with small values ​​and gradually increase as your child gets used to the practice. One way to stimulate savings is by combining that for every $ 100 you save you will complete with another $ 50, for example.


Teach how to avoid unnecessary spending

Teach how to avoid unnecessary spending

Superfluous spending can compromise the budget. Therefore, the sooner children understand how they can avoid such expenses, the better. A good way to introduce the subject is to say that the school lunch, for example, does not have to be bought in the cafeteria. When the little one takes food from home, in addition to eating better, he saves the amount he would spend in the cafeteria and can use the money for other things more important to him, such as a weekend movie theater.


Give the example

There is no point in educating children financially if parents themselves are not the example. Show your children how you keep spending under control and avoid impulse purchases in front of them. Teaching the importance of personal finance to children is essential practice to ensure they grow up. Knowing the importance of money and that they should never spend more than they earn. The sooner the little ones understand that it is essential to consciously consume and value what they have, the better off they will be in managing their own finances in the future.

Still have questions about the importance of personal finance for children? Leave us comments!